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Autumn business

Autumn is the time to start a business. Therefore, you will need 12 profitable autumn ideas: for any budget and with a detailed guide to the launch.

Work has no bad weather, which means that it is possible to conduct profitable activities at any time of the year. It’s time to think about what business is profitable to open in the fall. We have collected in article 12 of the most profitable ideas for small businesses that will help you earn in the autumn.

There are a lot of myths about seasonal business, which is why many start-up entrepreneurs refuse this idea. And in vain. To dispel myths and fears, for the beginning we will answer the most common questions.

Is seasonal business profitable?
Seasonal business on average has a high yield. First, during this period, such categories of goods and services are popular, for which you can set a high markup of more than 100%. Secondly, a seasonal business usually involves small expenses for its opening, so it is quite possible to recoup the investment in the very first season and start making a profit. Of course, success can be achieved with proper planning: you should choose the most suitable time to start, optimize costs, objectively estimate sales.

What are the risks of seasonal business?

The main risk of seasonal business is in its specifics. What is it:

Difficult to predict demand. There are some types of seasonal business that are very unpredictable due to the vagaries of nature. For example, in a rainy and cold summer it will be unprofitable to sell kvass for bottling, and in the warm autumn without rainfall, rubber boots and umbrellas will not be in demand. Another caveat – this risk is very difficult to manage. And here the advice will be very useful: before realizing the idea of ​​a seasonal business, evaluate the impact of the weather. And if it turns out that the demand for your product or service depends on weather conditions, read the long-term forecast for the season. On the Internet, you can easily find weather forecasts for the season. Of course, these data are very approximate, but in conjunction with the statistics of past years, they will at least somehow assess the conditions for your business.

May require knowledge. Seasonal types of business are divided into those based on the resale of a product, and those that require certain knowledge and skills in production. A trivial example, if in the first case you can deal with the sale of potatoes purchased from farmers at minimal cost, then everything depends on your entrepreneurial skills. But if you suddenly decide to pick mushrooms or open your apiary, you can’t do without special knowledge and skills. Therefore, it is worth preparing for a seasonal business in advance: to acquire the required knowledge or to find competent specialists.

The short term of the project. The life cycle of a seasonal business is 3-5 months. Therefore, there is no time for “buildup”. You need to act quickly and always be ready to change your idea in accordance with the requirements of the market.

Requires training. A limited time for the implementation of such a business requires an entrepreneur to thoroughly prepare before the onset of the season: the purchase of goods or equipment, a tenancy agreement, the search for a sales outlet – all this should be ready several months before the start of the season. Starting a business at its peak is completely wrong.

Recession in the offseason. For seasonal business, this risk is inevitable. Of course, super-successful projects at this time can calculate profits and gain strength for the new season. However, everything works differently. Seasonal business, like any other, requires constant involvement – the workflow is not interrupted, it just changes.

How to wait out the season?
a) retrain in a company with related activities. For example, the owner of the kiosk, where cold drinks were sold in the summer, in the autumn and winter period can replace the assortment with tea and coffee. Perhaps for such changes will require additional equipment. But these costs will more than pay off later.

b) analyze the work of the season, identify errors, make a plan for the upcoming season, taking into account all the errors committed.

c) to develop the business: to purchase equipment, improve the business, to search for suppliers and partners.

Who is suitable for seasonal business
Engaging in seasonal business is for those who are able to quickly respond to changing circumstances and are not inclined to build long-term strategies. Seasons do not need to calculate the break-even point; they do not set global goals, but act according to the “here and now” rule.

Seasonal business is an ideal option for students, any entrepreneur who is willing to devote time to their work only a few months a year, as well as for those who are looking for temporary earnings.

Business in the fall – why and how

It is a well-known fact – in the autumn business activity increases. The work process is restored after the holidays, and clients wake up after summer hibernation and gradually merge into social life. According to statistics, in the fall deals are most often made, stores open.

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