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Your business: how to open an ice cream parlor from scratch

According to statistics, in Russia, each person eats about 7 kg of ice cream per year, and 57% of Russians are regular consumers of this delicacy. Indicator promising. On the one hand, this means a fairly high demand for ice cream, and on the other, it speaks about the market development prospects, because in other countries this delicacy is consumed in even larger quantities. For example, one European accounts for more than 10 kg of ice cream per year.

In recent years, the culture of consumption of ice cream increases. People increasingly want to enjoy dessert in a pleasant setting. And the requirements for the taste of ice cream are increasing. You will not surprise anyone with a usual sucker. Therefore, many entrepreneurs come to a logical decision: open an ice cream parlor.

Such places are popular among young people and families with children. Especially in demand are mixed types of formats, such as an ice cream parlor, a cafeteria, a pastry shop. This increases the profit of the institution several times and expands its capabilities. But the main element of the cafe should be ice cream. It acts as a mono-product, around which the concept of the whole establishment is built. To establish yourself as an ice cream parlor, provide consumers with a wide selection of this delicacy. It is desirable that the menu had at least 15 types of ice cream to satisfy the taste of any visitor. The diverse menu has another important role – to encourage the customer to come back to you again to try something new.

The main steps to open a cafe:
Market research. At this stage, you analyze all aspects of running this business in your city and analyze the competition.

Definition of the format and concept of a cafe. You should decide whether you will trade in finished products or organize your own production.

Drawing up a business plan. You must plan your actions, determine the time and financial boundaries of the project. It is best to compile several development scenarios, providing for both an optimistic and a negative outcome of events.

We collect information about the local market
The catering business is one of the most popular and is characterized by high competition. Therefore, at the initial stage it is important to conduct a market research. To do this, it is not necessary to order a market analysis from a marketer; you can handle it yourself and give a general assessment.

Find out who are your main competitors and their location. This is useful when choosing a place for your institution. Study your competitors’ offer to make your unique offer. Estimate the demand for ice cream – so you will understand whether the direction in your city is promising. Determine who your target audience is. Understanding the desires of your customers, you can offer exactly what they want. Learn the foreign experience of similar institutions. So you will find new ideas.

Keep in mind: the more information you collect at this stage, the easier it will be for you to practice the idea. Market analysis is the foundation upon which your business will be built.

Next, explore all the advantages and disadvantages of the business. This will help assess your capabilities and anticipate the risks. After weighing all the pros and cons, you decide whether to start a business.

Choosing an ice cream parlor format
Competition makes you look for unique solutions. To stand out in the market, you need to offer something new. You can surprise not only with the assortment, but also with the service and the format of the institution.

Traditional ice cream parlor. Stationary cafes require the largest investments are quite difficult in terms of finding a place, advertising, external design and collecting documentation, but they work all year round compared to street cafes.

Island in the shopping center. The advantages of a point in the shopping center: the cost of rent is lower compared to stationary establishments; reducing the business impact of seasonality of sales; less advertising costs. A popular business format in this direction is the Thai ice cream trade.

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