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Decorative business: how to make money on candlelight

In the production of decorative candles, you can create a home business. To start you need a minimum of skills and the amount of up to 10 thousand rubles. This is an option for those who love needlework and want to make money on creativity.
Making decorative candles is a great option for home business. If you like needlework, but in business is still a beginner, then this idea will have to be just the way. Candle making does not require specific knowledge, large investments and the power of anyone who has imagination, creative spirit and a desire to make money. You will not need complex machines and equipment. The experience of other entrepreneurs shows that starting up will require investments of a maximum of 10 thousand rubles. Much more important in this business is diligence and the ability to make not just a candle, but an original product that will appeal to the buyer.

Manufacturing techniques and materials used in suppository are available to everyone. The main task is to find the niche that will bring you profit. Those who wish to decorate the house and add comfort to it today are more than enough. Look at the variety of candles sold in stores: flavored, curly, and even gel. In addition, decorative candles are used not only in the interior. These can be candles for a wedding or cake decoration. Decorative candles have long been an important attribute of the New Year holidays. In general, the demand for this product is – the main thing is to come up with an original offer in order to stand out in the market.

How to start a candle making business
At the start, you need to decide what candles you will do. It is better to start with paraffin ones, since it is easiest to work with it. The technology is simple: melt paraffin, add flavors, dyes and salt to it, and then pour into the mold and introduce the wick into the mixture. Having mastered the technology of production of paraffin candles, you can begin to master the more complex – the manufacture of wax, glycerol, stearic candles or candles with a colored flame.

Each material for candles has its advantages. Paraffin, for example, is the cheapest and unpretentious raw material. Beeswax is an environmentally friendly, natural product that, when burned, emits a delicate pleasant aroma. Candle Gel is a soft and malleable material that allows you to experiment with form and content. So here is a matter of choice and personal preference. Give preference to the material with which you will be most interesting to work.

Now there are many types of decorative candles. Each of them has its pros and cons. For example, paraffin candles to burn in a residential area is not recommended. When burning paraffin emits a lot of harmful chemical compounds.

Prefer better to stearin candles. They burn longer and brighter than paraffin, and also do not emit harmful substances. Today, most often you can find candles from a mixture of stearin and paraffin.

Candle making
Recently, beeswax and honeycomb candles are gaining popularity. Beeswax is a natural product that, when burned, emits a pleasant honey smell. Candles from beeswax burn longer and brighter, and they are also good for health.

Candles made from soybean or palm wax are all natural. They do not emit soot and harmful substances. Such candles are easy to aromatize with essential oils.

Gel candle – the most decorated look of all the candles. It is made of gelatinous paraffin gel, which is poured into a glass container with a decor. Such candles serve 3-5 times longer than ordinary paraffin ones. In addition, they do not smoke when burning, completely burn out, are absolutely safe, and thanks to the gel base they can be made in any form.

Where to look for materials for making candles
Finding ingredients for decorative candles is not a problem. Candle making is quite a popular type of needlework, and there are many specialized shops on the Internet where you can buy everything you need: from paraffin to various decorating elements.

Paraffin – the most common material for candles. It can be purchased by weight, or obtained from the simplest of purchased candles: for this you need to cut them into pieces and melt. Also on sale are ready-made candlestick masses with all sorts of additives and dyes. Such blanks greatly simplify the process of producing candles, although they are more expensive than ordinary paraffin.

If you plan to make beeswax candles, then this material can also be found in specialized stores. They sell wax briquettes for weight and waxing in sheets for twisted candles. You can buy beeswax from beekeepers, which will be cheaper than in stores.

Cosmetic pigments are used for coloring candles. They are added to the melted paraffin and thoroughly stirred. Beginners can use regular wax crayons. For dyeing candles, it is enough to rub the grated on a grater and add to paraffin at the melting stage.

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