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Slippery business: how to make money on soap making

On the production of handmade soap, you can create a business. To start you need a minimum of skills and investments in the amount of 10 thousand rubles. This is an ideal option for those who want to earn on creativity.

Making decorative soap is a suitable option for home business. If you want to start your own business, but entrepreneurship is still new, then this idea will have to be just the way. Production of handmade soap does not require specific knowledge and large investments; everyone can master the technology of soap making. You do not need to purchase complex equipment, but creative creative and developed imagination will definitely come in handy. The popularity of handmade soap is due to the exclusivity and naturalness of the components. So everything is built on your ability to make not an ordinary bar of soap, but an original product that the buyer will like.

The experience of other entrepreneurs shows that you can start a soap making business with a budget of 10 thousand rubles. This money is enough to make the first batch of goods and run advertising. To recoup their investments succeed in a few months. Margin on goods in soap manufacture is 150-300%, depending on the type. This provides high profitability, which is 50%. But to achieve such an indicator is possible with proper organization, well-established marketing and creative individuality.

Business Relevance
In Russia, the market for natural handmade soap is not saturated. People are used to using ordinary soap from the stores. Why do domestic soap makers have difficulties with sales?

Handmade soap is more expensive than factory-made: the cost of adding natural ingredients in the composition and the very fact of handmade.
Even with the opportunity to spend 200 rubles on a bar of soap, a person will not bother with online orders and searches. He is likely to try to simplify the process of buying as much as possible: go to the store. On the shelves, it is very rare to find soap from private domestic masters. Most often it is imported products.
Two main problems that you will have to solve in business: produce a quality product for which you will be ready to pay, and find the most convenient sales scheme for the buyer.

Despite the difficulties, the handmade soap market is growing by about 20% annually. There are several reasons for this. The promotion of eco-friendly products has increased the demand for natural soaps. Figure soap in the original packaging was sold as souvenirs and gifts. The development of the cosmetic market has increased the popularity of the soap soap: hypoallergenic products have appeared, cleansing and even healing. And of course, the fashion for hand-made things also plays a role.

Therefore, handmade soap – this is the current direction, which is in demand. Your job as an entrepreneur is to create an attractive offer on the market.

How to start a soap business
Any business starts with a clearly defined idea. Before you develop a business plan and purchase equipment, you must generate a business idea and analyze it. “Making handmade soap” is only half the idea. You, for a successful business need to first think about the concept.

Compare two business ideas:
“Produce handmade soap”
“Open the online store hypoallergenic handmade soap from goat milk.”

In the first case, there is just an idea to start a business and a niche selected for it. In the second case, there is a concept, a unique offer, focused on the target audience, and an understanding of how the product will be sold. In this case, the model is logical: this soap is most often bought by moms, whose children suffer from allergies. To purchase such a product, moms are ready to order it through an online store and pay more than for a piece of ordinary soap.

One of the most common mistakes soap makers – lack of concept. The assortment is formed by chance: they saw the design, bought the ingredients, did it … This scheme is suitable for a hobby, but not for business. It is important to decide: you sell what you produced, or produce what is sold. The secret of a successful business – just the second option. That is why it is important to choose a concept at the start. The article where we collected 17 original ideas in soap making will help to decide. Try to analyze each idea and evaluate whether you can sell it.

Once you have clearly articulated the concept of your business, you can move to action.

Equipment and materials
Finding ingredients and equipment for making soap is not a problem. Soap-making is quite a popular form of needlework, and there are many specialized shops on the Internet where you can buy everything you need.

For the production of soap will require the following components:

Place for your business proposal

The soap base is something without which it is impossible to make soap. Consists of fatty acids and glycerin. Usually sold by weight.

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