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Business plan antikafe

To open your antikafe, you will have enough start-up capital in the amount of 343 thousand rubles, which can be recouped after six months of work. The net profit of the antikafe will be 133 thousand rubles.
1. Summary of the project “Antikafe”
The goal of the project is to open antikafe in a city with a population of over 1 million people. The main source of income of the institution is the payment during the stay of visitors, which is 2 rubles / minute. Antikafe involves the provision of a platform for recreational activities, leisure activities, social and entertainment and educational projects.
Advantages of the project antikafe:

originality, wide use of space;
relatively low personnel costs;
mutually beneficial cooperation with delivery services, business coaches, musicians, etc.
social orientation of the project, interested in the organization of cultural leisure.
The amount of the initial investment for the opening of an aktafe is 343,000 rubles. Payback period antikafe – 6 months. Net profit on reaching the planned volumes – 133 thousand rubles.

2. Description of the industry and company
Antikafe is a social institution, designed for a pleasant stay, creative meetings, friendly conversations in a cozy atmosphere, lectures, master classes and coworking. The peculiarity of antikafe is that payment is not charged for food, but for the time spent in antikafe. Paying for your stay, you can get free bonuses in the form of hot drinks and sweets. The main profit of the antikafe is the payment for the time spent in the antikafe, which is evaluated minute by minute. The price range in antikafe is from 1 to 3 rubles per minute.

Format antikafe appeared on the market recently. The first antikafe were launched in Moscow in 2011. Today, the antikafe market is rapidly developing, as consumers are looking for new forms of leisure activities. About 10 thousand groups of various anti-cafes have been created in the social network VKontakte, which indicates the popularity of this area as a business. The format of antikafe is recommended to use for large cities, with a population of over a million people. In this case, the project will be paid back. In a large city with a population of about 1 million people, the number of anti-cafes is from 8 to 20 institutions. The table shows a study of the antikafe market in the largest cities of the country

These data allow us to estimate the popularity of antikafe, market load and the level of competition in a particular city.

3. Description of anti-cafe services
When creating an anti-cafe, attention will be paid to three key parameters – the theme of the institution, “chips”, and a range of services.

Subject antikafe. The main secret of the success of antikafe is its concept. According to marketing research, thematic institutions are more popular. The subject of antikafe dictates both its name, and the interior, and the presence of so-called “chips” – the distinctive features of the institution, for which visitors will come next time. Plots of films, ecological motives, art trends, various epochs, and even individual characters act as a concept for antikafe. An interesting idea is the creation of several thematic zones or rooms, differing in style and mood in one anti-cafe.

This category should also include the room itself, which is used for antikafe. The recommended area for antikafe is 120 m2 with the main hall of 50 m2 and room areas with an optimal area of ​​10-15 m2. Do not forget about the presence of a bathroom (for establishments with an area of ​​more than 150 m2 should provide 2 bathrooms) and a kitchen. When planning the space, antikafe should take into account that it usually includes several diversified zones.
Functional areas of antikafe:
common area (main hall) – space for small companies, accommodates about 30 people. The hall is equipped with tables for board games and a projector, which allows to hold movie evenings, business trainings, etc.

According to Avito website, the cost of renting a room with an area of ​​100 m2 is 70-100 thousand rubles / month, depending on the territorial location (the price is assumed for a million-plus city). Repair will cost 70-100 thousand.

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