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Sam Walton’s Business Rules

In any sphere of human life there are people whom I want to admire. To admire what will to win they have and how they can achieve their goals, no matter what.

In the world history of business there are such people too, and one of them is Sam Walton. He founded the large Wall-Mart retailer network and made this brand world famous and recognizable.

How did he do it? Perhaps he did not have time to reveal all the secrets of his success, but he managed to share his main principles that related to his brilliant business.

Sam Walton Principles
Principle # 1: Be loyal. Being committed to what you are doing is a must for everyone who wants to succeed. Whatever happens, believe in your business, in your business and in your success.

Principle number 2: Educate yourself in generosity. Always be generous to your employees. They are the most important part of your company. Generously share with them all that you get from business, and never communicate with them “from the top down”. Treat them as partners, not subordinates.

Principle # 3: Spread the word. Your employees should know about your company as much as you do. Give them any information related to your business. By better understanding what is happening inside the company, they can more effectively contribute to success.

Principle # 4: Be grateful. Sincere thanks expressed at the right time and in the right place is a great way to stimulate employees to even better work.

Principle number 5: Follow your path. You should not look around at others. Choose your own path and clearly follow your intended goal.

Principle number 6: Be careful about your expenses. Instead of following other companies, take your time. It is better to track your expenses than the costs of competitors. It is much more useful.

Principle number 7: Be one step ahead. You need to know what your customers want in a week, month, year. To know when they themselves do not know about it.

Principle number 8: Consider everyone’s opinion. Each of your employees can carry much greater business value than it seems to you at first glance. Listen carefully to everyone and try to find points of contact with everyone, even the most ordinary employee.

Principle number 9: Admit your mistakes. Understanding where you made a mistake protects you from being able to make it again.

Principle # 10: Do not take yourself too seriously. Be able to laugh at yourself and your actions. This greatly helps to bring some kind of immediacy into the harsh everyday life of a business.

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