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Mini golf course business plan

This project considers the opening of a mini-golf court on 18 game tracks in a city with a population of over 1 million people. The club will wear entertainment format, providing services for playing mini-golf, selling drinks and fast food. The target audience of the project: families with children and schoolchildren (35%), young people from 18 to 35 years old (30%), schoolchildren (20%), clients over 35 years old (15%). The price segment of the project is medium.

Investments in the project will amount to 2,014,000 rubles. Payback period – 9 months. work. Starting investments will be spent on arranging the play area, purchasing mini golf tracks, furnishing recreation areas, creating and equipping a mini-bar, purchasing sports equipment, drawing up permits, advertising and creating a working capital fund to cover expenses in the first months of work.

Revenues when reaching the planned sales volume – 400-800 thousand rubles, net profit – 42.5-350 thousand rubles. The profitability of the court on reaching the planned sales volume – 32%. Financial calculations of this business plan are given for a three-year period of activity, taking into account seasonality.

Mini-golf is a sports game where participants compete with each other, driving a small ball into special holes with club strikes and trying to cover the allotted distance from several tracks in the minimum number of strokes. Officially, mini-golf appeared in 1953, after Swiss architect Paul Bongigi created a mini-golf course and patented the name mini-golf. After the creation of the first fields with artificial turf, mini golf quickly began to spread around the world, standardization of rules and fields was made. Already in 1963, the International Mini-Golf Federation was established, which in 1993 was reorganized into the World Federation of Sports Mini-golf (WMF). Since 2003, Russia has become a member of this association, which already includes 63 countries. Despite the fact that mini-golf enjoys the greatest popularity in European countries, in our country it also gradually wins its fans, attracting them to this sport as amateurs and sportsmen.

Since the potential of sports mini-golf is not yet fully revealed and the demand for it is small, this project is planning to open an amateur mini-golf court, that is, not requiring certification procedures from the Russian Golf Association. To open the court, an entertainment format will be chosen that is suitable for family leisure and leisurely entertainment in the company. It is this format that is most promising today from a business point of view and in combination with additional sources of income, for example, the sale of beverages and snacks, can bring stable profits. The services of the game of mini-golf are increasingly began to offer motels, country hotels and recreation centers.

The target audience is divided into four main segments: the majority are families with children – 35% and young people from 18 to 35 years old – 30%. Another 20% of clients are schoolchildren and 15% are clients over 35 years old.

According to surveys, 50% of clients call interest in him as a new kind of recreation as the main reason for choosing mini-golf, 25% of respondents call advantage of the possibility of playing together adults and children.

The project plans to organize the work of the club in two formats: summer and winter. In the summer, the club’s work will be organized on an open-air rental site, in the cold season, the site will move to a covered area nearby. Such a work format implies the acquisition of a modular platform (for more details see paragraph 5).

Summarizing the above, we note several advantages of this direction:

accessibility. The game of mini-golf does not require any special skills, does not require a good physical form. The player is enough to stand on his feet and keep the stick.

the possibility of a collective game. Mini-golf is valued as entertainment for families and companies, and can be used as a component of corporate events.

no large area required. Unlike conventional golf, space requirements are much smaller, and the playground itself can be located both outdoors and indoors.

no need for qualified personnel. Entertainment format does not require hiring instructors and trainers.

novelty. Despite a decent history, in our country mini-golf is estimated as a new form of entertainment, replacing bowling and billiards.

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