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Sushi Bar Business Plan

A sushi market that sells sushi for takeaway, can bring a net profit of more than 350 thousand rubles. per month. In this business plan, we will look at how to open a sushi bar in the format of an island in a shopping center.
1. Summary of the project “sushi bar”
The aim of the project is to open a sushi market for the implementation of a range of catering services in a city with a population of over 1 million people. Sushi Market positions itself as fast food based on Japanese cuisine and opens in the format of an island-type pavilion. The establishment involves takeaway and delivery of orders.

Today, there is a reorientation of the catering market to the fast food segment. Even in times of crisis, this trend shows a positive trend. The sushi bar project takes into account the main market trends and is considered as a promising type of business. To open a sushi bar does not require large investments, and with the right approach, you can achieve high profits due to constant demand and high mark-up on products.

Thus, the main advantages of the restaurant business include: a high level of profitability and demand for catering services; relatively low level of initial investment; small retail space; simple production technology; year-round demand for products; high profitability.

The target audience of sushi bars is wide enough. The main category of consumers is young people aged 18-30, regardless of the level of income. The price segment is below average.

To implement the project, a retail space of 10 sq.m. The volume of initial investment is 775,000 rubles. The costs are directed to the purchase of equipment, advertising, the purchase of raw materials and the formation of working capital, which will cover the losses of the initial periods. The main part of the required investment falls on the purchase of equipment – 63%. To implement the project will use its own funds.

Financial calculations cover the three-year period of the project. In the future, expansion of production is planned. In accordance with the calculations, the initial investment will pay off after seven months of work. The net profit at an exit on the planned sales volume will make 366 000 rubles / month. Reaching the planned sales is planned at the end of the first year of sushi bar operation. Return on sales in the first year of operation will be 29%.

2. Description of the industry and company
The modern culture of public catering in Russia is actively developing: there is a rapid growth in the number of establishments and the diversity of offers that form a special interest of Russians in eating out. Even in times of economic crisis, the population does not refuse to visit catering establishments, although they try to save on this type of expenses. At the end of 2015, the average per capita expenditure on eating out in Russia amounted to 741 rubles. per month, and their share in the total structure of monthly expenses is only 3.6% on average in the country.

According to experts, the domestic catering market has growth prospects, because it is quite capacious. In comparison with the markets of developed countries, the domestic market looks free – it has room to grow: both in terms of quantity filling, and in terms of consumer demand.

Catering market turnover
Statistics show that the average per capita expenditure on eating out in Russia is only 741 rubles. per month, which is 15 times less than in the United States. In other words, an American with an average level of income spends 15 times more on food in public institutions than the average Russian. In the cost structure of the Russian population, spending on eating out is only 3.6% on average in the country, for Moscow this figure is four times higher.

The main problem of the public catering market in Russia is high dependence on the state of the economy, since the income level of the population corrects the demand for catering services. It is believed that under favorable market conditions, about 25% of catering establishments are at risk. In a crisis situation, more than 50% fall into the risk zone.

Over the past few years, the least successful period for this business was 2015: a fall in turnover of 5.5%, a reduction in the number of players in the market — in large cities, about 30% of restaurateurs left the market, the reduction of networkers’ activities, and the rapid increase in institutions. Against this background, the fall of the market by 3.7% in 2016 looks like an improvement in the situation.

At the end of 2016, the market volume of the public catering exceeded 1,200 billion rubles. The market was supported by the active development of fast food, which has become the most profitable sector of the market. This fact is due to the fact that consumers are striving to save money, not wanting to refuse to visit catering establishments.

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